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Reconnect with the Cosmos: The Virtues of Floating During Tax Season

Plato, one of the most influential philosophers of ancient Greece, believed in the power of water and the benefits of floating. In his work "Timaeus," Plato wrote that "the bodies of those who use the waters internally and externally are healthier than those who do not."

For Plato, water was more than just a physical substance. He saw it as a source of healing for both the body and the soul. Plato believed that floating in water could help purify the mind and bring a person closer to the divine.

Fast forward to today, and we can see how Plato's ideas have influenced modern float therapy. By allowing ourselves to let go and surrender to the buoyancy of the water, we can find a sense of peace and tranquility that is hard to come by in our hectic daily lives.

But float therapy is more than just a physical practice. It can also have profound effects on our mental and emotional well-being. By removing external stimuli, we can allow our minds to quiet down and explore the depths of our consciousness. It's a practice that can help us gain insights into ourselves and the world around us.

So, as tax season approaches and stress levels start to rise, consider taking a break and immersing yourself in the healing waters of a float tank. As Plato once said, "At the touch of water, the soul awakens to the spirit's freedom.

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