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Come to a Free Screening of Shane Stott's New Float Documentary "Floating" on Friday, December 9th.

Rise Above Floatation, in Mt. Kisco, will be hosting a screening of Shane Stott’s documentary Floating: Discover the Remarkable Therapy that Naturally Relieves Pain, Stress and Anxiety on December 9, 2022 at 6:30pm.

Stott’s long-awaited documentary, which premiered on YouTube in October, shines exposure on the float industry and highlights the goals of Dr. Justin Feinstein’s recently formed Float Research Collective, which has the goal of raising enough money to perform the first ever head-to-head study of the benefits of float therapy versus both prescription opioids and benzodiazepines.

“As one of the highest cost-of-living regions in the country, Westchester residents tend to be steeped in a high-pressure, anxiety-ridden environment,” says Rise Above Floatation owner Micah Saccomanno. “Floating is a highly effective way to help those with chronic stress attain immediate and long-lasting centeredness and relief without the use of medication.”

By drawing attention to the scientifically proven benefits of floating, Rise Above Floatation is seeking to help Westchester residents experience float sessions right here in the heart of Westchester.

Rise Above Floatation will host a screening of the documentary and have a question and answer session afterward highlighting the goals of the Float Research Collective.

Refreshments will be available and a raffle for gift cards will be held with proceeds to go to the Float Research Collective.

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