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Floating In Quiet Darkness
Digital Download Now Available for only $5.75! 

Glenn Building First Tank.jpeg

Meet Glenn Perry: The Man Behind the Modern Day Float Center

Imagine having an experience so powerful that it inspires you to create a whole new wellness industry. Glenn Perry, (who, incidentally, is from Katonah right here in Westchester County), had this exact experience. 


After his first float session in 1972 with Dr. John C. Lilly,  the scientist who discovered the incredible effects of sensory deprivation, Glenn wrote:

At the end of the hour, someone knocked to tell me my time was up.


When I came out, it was as if the whole earth was a shimmering, shining, scintillating energy system, and time had slowed way down. I was in a totally different, unfamiliar state of consciousness. I slowly went to shower and experience this amazing universe.

-Floating in Quiet Darkness

Soon, afterward, Glenn, worked closely with  Dr. Lilly, to create the first float tank for commercial use. 

In 1979, he and his wife, Lee started the very first float center in the world in Beverly Hills, the Samadhi Float Center.


Since then they  have supplied or supported the design, construction and operation of hundreds of centers throughout the world as far and wide as Auckland, Cuernavaca, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Moscow, Sao Paolo, Stockholm, Sydney, and Tokyo.


Recently, Rise Above Floatation was privileged  to host a float for Glenn and we got to spend some quality time speaking with him about his experiences in the float world since the beginning. 

One thing that stood out was how, even though it seems like Glenn would be focused on the mechanics of the float tank or the business of running a float center, he was more concerned about the inner experience of the floater and just how valuable providing floats to humanity is.

Samadhi Tank Company and Glenn Perry are graciously offering a full digital download of his book FLOATING IN QUIET DARKNESS for only $5.75 to all floaters at Rise Above Floatation -a small fraction of what the book sells for. (Normally $18.99!)


His hope is that his perspective might encourage and uplift anyone who is looking to use the float tank to transform themselves for the better.


Please click the link below to access your copy. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with a link to a PDF download.

The Story of How Glenn and Lee Perry Started a Float Revolution

Floatation tanks are the ideal portal to rejuvenation for everyone from pro athletes and celebrities to stressed-out entrepreneurs and creative artists seeking a distraction-free environment for deep meditation, relaxation and self-discovery.


In their new book, Floating in Quiet Darkness: How the Floatation Tank Has Changed Our Lives and Is Changing the World," floatation tank pioneers Glenn and Lee Perry explain why.

Glenn Lee Jump Suits.jpeg

Glenn and Lee created the first commercially available floatation tanks in 1972; ever since, they have been perfecting them with their Samadhi Tank Company and spreading the word on the benefits of floating.


"Floating in Quiet Darkness" includes a selection of vivid personal narratives and photos depicting the depth and breadth of experiences people encounter when floating.


The floatation tank, also known as the isolation tank, was invented in the 1950s as

part of scientific research probing the frontiers of human consciousness. Today the tank offers myriad benefits for our over-stimulated, distracted, and stressed-out society, including giving harried humans a time and place to engage in the deepest kind of meditation.

The Download

Samadhi Tank Company and Glenn Perry are offering a full digital download of Floating in Quiet Darkness for only $5.75 to Rise Above Floatation. (Normally $18.99!)

Please click the link below to access your copy. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with a link to a PDF download.

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